Sunday, October 10, 2010

Federal Recognition of Gay Marriage

            Gays getting married. Why not? I haven't heard any good arguments against the prospect of gay couples getting married. Here are two arguments that have been introduced as reasons to keep it legally unrecognized. After each statement I will make a statement in-my-opinion on the argument.

1: The term "marriage" cannot be used, because it is a religious term and it would be sacrilegious to use this term in the joining of a gay couple.

My opinion: In an article written by Robert A. J. Gagnon, Ph.D. entitled "Why "Gay Marriage" Is Wrong", Dr. Gagnon referees to "gay marriage" as a contradiction in terms, contending that marriage should be between a male and female. He derives this opinion from a collective interpretation that the "Presbyterians" have of certain scriptures. His paper is well written and has a strong foundation to argue the opinion that "gay marriage" is wrong in the eyes of his religion. If you are of his same faith, I suggest looking it up. I am not religious, giving me the freedom to look at the topic objectively. Fact: Not everyone is of his faith. Fact: "Marriage" is the cohesive jointing of 2 units. You could use the term referring to the joining of two pieces of metal while welding. It is no more a religious term than "god", which refers to many different religious and mythological deities. Of which some really don't care about homosexuality. So, in all the argument has no legal basis as an argument on lawmaking in the United States. It comes down to your particular religion's collective opinion of the matter.

2: Being gay is immoral and a sin in the eyes of god.

My opinion: Immoral and a sin in the eyes of which "god"? Is there one god or many gods? How do you know His/Her/Their opinion(s) on the matter. I am assuming that you are referring to whatever second hand information you may have on the opinion of your god(s), such as the bible, of which is a compilation of select writings of supposed witnessed or second hand accounts. Let me remind you, that particular "god" has no writings of his own. Therefore it is impossible for anyone to know the actual opinions of that "god". It may be a majority opinion of your chosen religion. That is un-debateable by me, due to my non affiliation to any religion, including that one. That would make it an internal debate on your religions opinion on the matter as a whole. NOT a debate for our country's lawmakers to decide.

            If you have an opinion on the matter that would make a strong "LEGAL" argument to not allow gay marriage to be recognized as a legal union in our country, please let me know. I have yet to see a good one. Remember to keep our constitution in mind, when you present your opinion. If you haven't read it, please do so.